Live with Imperfect Circle, Just Smile



Imperfect life is inevitable. Life is full of discontentment and helplessness. Bori Sut have been tracking along with the research and developments of the holistic product trends and how it could support of the collection of “Portable aromatherapy”. When you feel upset (Imperfect Circle), Bori Sut aimed to establish your own “Aromatic Enchantment” at anytime and anywhere, finding blissful and joyful emotion (Smile ) with nature scent (Smell), be appreciated to soak in the beauty of imperfectness in the life which is full of helplessness and sigh.


In 2016, Khun Sangya was 28 years old, 15% of the laws of nature make her life incomplete. Khun Sangya tried to hide her inner unsettlement with her strong personality, but from small details of life her husband discovered that Khun Sangya became gloomy, depressed, and moody.


Her husband is very worried about her situation, and so he decided to move live in Thailand’s northern part forest “Ton Sak Yai Forest”. He sticks to the habit of walking in the deep part of the forest with Khun Sangya every day and hopes that the peacefulness and quietness of nature can release the emotions of Khun Sangya, and let her mind and body recover. 


“Sorry.” Khun Sangya spoke to her husband in tears. Her husband replied softly, “You know I am always by your side.” Just one sentence connected the broken heart, the crying Sangya understood she should not compete with her own heart, should try to coexist with it, and even should embrace her emotions.


After 1 year, they returned to live in the city. Husband hopes that Khun Sangya could feel the atmosphere of Ton Sak Yai Forest every day, so he searched for an aromatherapist to develop the first aroma sachet and have successfully distilled the aroma taste of Ton Sak Yai Forest. The couple knows that inevitable regret will always arise in life, but people can give it a meaning. They set up a brand to connect with other people who are bothered by emotions too, remembering the simple life in Ton Sak Yai Forest, and named the brand “BORI SUT” (meaning “Pure”).